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Tegoglas® cold-end container glass coatings are a range of proprietary wax emulsion concentrates for high performance coatings of glass containers. The wax emulsion forms a lubricating and protective coating on glass containers. Tegoglas® cold-end coatings provide long-lasting protection for both dry and wet filling processes.   Using Tegoglas® cold end coatings will help improve scratch resistance and reduce glass fractures and scuffing during filling and transportation.

Products in product range

Tegoglas® 702 cold-end container glass coating is specially formulated to provide high smoothness and dry filling scratch resistance. Tegoglas® 702 coating is commonly used for pharmeceutical bottles and functions well in coating line conditions of 80-130°C, but can also perform at <80°C. Through product testing, Arkema has found the Tegoglas® 702 works best with synthetic or casein labeling glues. Tegoglas® 702 coating is not useful for sterilization/washing and has limited performance in wet filling lines.
Tegoglas® OL80 cold-end container glass coating is formulated for glass and tableware used with wine, oil, dairy, or liquid foods at glass coating temperatures higher than 130°C. When the the taste of a wine, oil, dairy, or food product is of highest importance, Tegoglas® OL80 coating is Arkema's best product. The non-toxic formulation of Tegoglas® OL80 coating is designed to resist the formation of nozzle blockages in vaporizing equipment. Tegoglas® OL80 coating is also the most flexible cold-end coating for labeling by Arkema, working well with synthetic, casein, starch, or self-adhesive glues.
Tegoglas® RP40 cold-end container glass coating is designed for operating temperatures above 80ºC. Glass containers subject to hot-filling and those that are pasteurized or sterilized need high-temperature coating performance. Tegoglas® RP40 cold-end container glass coating does not degrade in these demanding conditions. Further, Tegoglas® RP40 container glass coating provides durability during transportation and handling with its excellent scratch resistance. Filling line productivity can be increased by eliminating over-coating, and with a tailor-made slip angle Tegoglas® RP40 container glass coating is ideal for thin-walled hot-filled glass containers.
Tegoglas® RP40LT is designed for filling temperatures below 80ºC. RP40 coating is useful for glass container applications on either dry or wet filling lines and is generally the most versatile of Arkema's cold end coating products. Tegoglas® RP40LT improves lubricity in thin-walled, lightweight glass containers and is specifically formulated to adhere to Certincoat® hot-end container glass coatings. During transportation and handling, the lubricity added by using this coating will minimize scratches and wear marks. During washing or sterilization, containers coated with Tegoglas® RP40LT will maintain lubricity and scratch resistance.
Tegoglas® T5 cold-end container glass coating is an aqueous solution used for container coating at glass temperatures of 60-120°C. Tegoglas® T5 coating will provide very high smoothness when used in this temperature range and gives excellent dry filling scratch resistance. T5 coating is the most flexible cold-end coating for label glues, working very well with synthetics, casein, or starches.

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